Outstanding cost effectiveness with an exceptional feature set
We all work in a world that doesn't stop and customers demand up to the minute information about your products and company at all times. And why shouldn't they have it? With SpryPanel advanced web-based content management, your web-site can have up-to-date information at all times, with out going through the traditional bottleneck of a web-developer. Imagine a situation when your employees don't have to pass information on to a web-developer to have it placed online and available from your web-site. Employees specialising in certain areas would be able to put up-to-date information online whenever it is required, and your web-developer would be free to improve your web-site, giving customers a much better view of your company.

With SpryPanel your system administrator can create an unlimited number of content editing accounts to allow people to sign in and modify content on your web-site. Different people can also be granted different access privileges, so that while one person might be able to edit one page, another person wouldn't be able to - but they would be able to edit a page with the topic area in which they specialise. SpryPanel has been designed from the ground up with security at the forefront of our design plans and as a result you can take comfort knowing that your data is completely safe.

Ease of use which is second to none with edit anywhere capabilities
Despite the focus on security, SpryPanel doesn't sacrifice ease of use. For content editors the only requirement is familiarity with a web-browser. This means you won't need to invest huge amounts of money in training staff for the use of SpryPanel! All content management features are accessed through a web-browser, with a Microsoft Word like word processor interface available. SpryPanel also offers the ability to be able to update the content on your web-site from any Internet terminal with a web-browser. Your employees don't need to be at their desk, they could be out on the road doing research or flying to a business meeting, while making sure that your customers get up-to-date information.

All administrator functions are accessed through the same web-based interface as the content editing features, to make life that little bit simpler for the web-developer. SpryPanel offers industry-leading ease of integration, so the web-developer doesn't even need to be familiar with programming languages. If the developer is comfortable with programming in the free and open source PHP language they will be able to take advantage of SpryPanel's content plug-in support, to develop new plug-ins specifically for your web-site. Or you can take advantage of the several that we have for free download on this web-site.

Emma Braden (Ubique Leisure) - http://www.ubiqueleisure.co.uk
"Working with SpryPanel to create our website and for its continuing construction has been a joy!  Never having done anything like this before I was very nervous but the SpryPanel team have explained everything in plain English and have responded to all my questions quickly and efficiently  Definately the best thing we did when we decided to use them for this project!"

SpryPanel benefits:
  • Share content between the team - SpryPanel offers you the opportunity to share content editing between people who specialise in different areas, reducing errors and removing any bottlenecks in the IT department. Absolutely no knowledge of any web code or programming languages is required with SpryPanel.
  • Full documentation - SpryPanel has every feature fully documented, which is always available online if anyone needs it. Every page in SpryPanel also has a direct link to relevant documentation, so no one will ever feel lost.
  • Design independent - SpryPanel is completely design independent. This means that no matter what your web-site looks like, or what content it contains, SpryPanel will fully and seamlessly integrate with it. SpryPanel is also completely theme-able, so your employees will be able to enjoy the same look-and-feel in SpryPanel as your web-site has.
  • Free upgrades - During the term of your license, any upgrade that we make to SpryPanel, you will be able to receive for free. This means your web-site will benefit from any new and improved features that we add. We aim to release a major new version every six months. SpryPanel 3.1 will include numerous new features for business, such as approval before information is put online, and documents versioning. Once your license expires you can continue using the newest version available to you for as long as you want!

Key features:
  • Breakthrough low price web-based content management solution.
  • Word processor like What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.
  • Designed from the ground up with security in mind - so you know your web-site is completely safe.
  • Free upgrades and e-mail tech support for the term of your license
  • Full documentation for both administrators and content editors.

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