Powerful, easy-to-learn web-based content management.
We all know what it’s like. You create a beautiful web-site for a client that has taken numerous hours of hard work. Then you get an e-mail from them, asking for a comma here, a new paragraph there. Then you get another e-mail and another… Why not give your client the ability to update the content on their web-site when ever they want? SpryPanel offers you the opportunity to do just that. Starting at just $149.99 for a single license (with a discount for multiple licenses) SpryPanel offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness and will give you more time to woo new clients!

SpryPanel is a web-based content management system, so client side requirements are simply a web-browser and an Internet connection.  From your own point of view, nearly all administrative tasks are performed through the same interface, with plenty of advanced features if you want to play with server side code.

Design independent, flexible and super easy to administrate.
Controlling content on a web-site has never been so easy or flexible. SpryPanel uses a design independent core engine, which means that you can create any design you want and SpryPanel will still be able to manage the content. You are not forced to use ugly pre-defined page templates or wade through unwieldy code. Only a few lines of code are required on each page, and a very short snippet for each element, and SpryPanel will guide you effortlessly through this process.

Of course if you are comfortable writing programming using the free and open source PHP language, SpryPanel supports content plug-ins which you can use to expand the capabilities of SpryPanel. There are already several free plug-ins available from this web-site, including SpryForm for creating forms which will be e-mailed out on completion in minutes and a photo gallery plug-in. These powerful features can be added to a new or existing web-site in seconds!

Paul Croft (director) - www.bouncinglemon.co.uk
"SpryPanel is an invaluable tool for me. It is easy to pick up and plugin to a website. I recieved fantastic customer support before and after purchase and I plan to use SpryPanel in all of my future sites. My clients love being able to update their websites themselves and using SpryPanel means I can do this with minimum effort and cost."

SpryPanel benefits:
  • Work flow integration – There is no need for your to change how you design and create web-sites, Whether you use Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, hand coding or any other method of creating web-sites, SpryPanel will join with your work flow in a seamless manner.
  • Web-site integration – As well as being design independent SpryPanel is also completely theme-able through extensive Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) support. SpryPanel ships with six themes already installed, and more are available from this web-site. We also provide documented themes so you can quickly create your own. Submit your theme to us and we’ll even include it in the documentation, providing an end-to-end look-and-feel match for your clients.
  • Support for list content – As well as the obvious standard content that SpryPanel supports (big blocks of text like this one… and so on), SpryPanel fully supports repeatable content through its list content management features. This means you can create content that repeats (for example new items) with the minimum of fuss.
  • Volume discounts – Not only is SpryPanel in a league of its own when it comes to cost-effectiveness, but we’ve extended that by offering volume discounts when you buy multiple licenses at the same time.

Key features:
  • Low price web-based content management solution.
  • Free upgrades and e-mail tech support
  • Word processor-like What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.
  • Easy breakdown of content into content elements – SpryPanel supports many different types of content.

Get SpryPanel today!
You can purchase SpryPanel online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our secure online store. Follow the easy four-step process and you’ll be using SpryPanel in a matter of minutes.