Unparalleled ease of use at an extraordinarily low price
Imagine being able to look at your web-site, think ‘hmmm that needs changed’ and being able to change it with a handful of clicks! No code. No mess. The only requirement is your web-browser! That is the advantage of using SpryPanel content management software on your web-site. SpryPanel has industry leading ease of use for both integration with either a new web-site or an existing one and for content management.

Using SpryPanel on your web-site, you can share the content management duties on your site with anyone you wish to give that privilege to, safe in the knowledge that SpryPanel has bullet-proof security. You can give any of the unlimited users you choose to add different access privileges, so one person might be allowed to edit a certain page, while another cannot – but they can edit a different page.

Simple, flexible and powerful – for everyone
Whether you are new to web-design starting out with your first pages or you are an experienced developer comfortable making large dynamic web-sites, SpryPanel is the content management system for you. Absolutely no knowledge of programming or scripting languages is required to use SpryPanel on your site – SpryPanel will guide you through the integration processes in simple to understand steps. Of course if you would like to play with code, SpryPanel fully supports content plug-ins, which you can develop to support new features on your web-site. We already have several available for download on this web-site.

Free e-mail and web-support are of course included as standard, but in addition to this we’ve decided to offer free upgrades to SpryPanel the term of your license. Any updates we make during the term of your license – you get for free! We aim for a major release every six months, so your website will benefit from the new and better features as we add them. Once your license has expired, you can either buy a new one and continue receiving updates, or use the newest version available to you for as long as you want. We feel that like design, choice shouldn’t be limited by software and with SpryPanel you are free to choose whatever you want.

Whether you are making a web-site for your own use, a web-log (blog), a portfolio site or for a group, you will find that SpryPanel changes the way that you look at the world wide web.

Karen Richmond (web-committee member) - www.eusog.org

"SpryPanel has revolutionised the way our organisation manages our website. It has made it easy for several of us to control and create content, is a joy to use, and the support is second to none. Top Marks!"

SpryPanel benefits:
  • Edit anywhere – With the use of SpryPanel, you (or anyone else you assign access to) can update the content on your web-site through any web-browser. You could update information on the move from your mobile phone, change content from work, or add new content from home. Web site management has never been so flexible.
  • Share content editing with others – SpryPanel offers you the opportunity to share the editing of your web-site’s content with other people, spreading the load so you don’t have to keep a track of everything that is happening. Or if someone else specialises in a particular area, you can easily delegate tothem. Absolutely no knowledge of any web code or programming languages is required with SpryPanel. As long as you can surf the web you can update content.
  • Web-site integration – As well as being design independent SpryPanel is also completely theme-able through extensive Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) support. SpryPanel ships with six themes already installed, and more are available from this web-site. We also provide documented themes so you can quickly create your own. Submit your theme to us and we’ll even include it in the documentation, providing an end-to-end look-and-feel match to your web-site.
  • SpryPanel is also fully documented, with a direct link to the relevant documentation from each page, so you will never feel lost.

Key features:
  • Word processor-like What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.
  • Breakthrough low price web-based content management solution.
  • Free upgrades and e-mail tech support for the term of your license (use the newest version available to you for as long as you want!).
  • Full documentation available, with a direct link to the relevant documentation from each page.
  • Absolutely no need to know any programming languages! SpryPanel will guide you through the very simple installation.
  • Designed from the ground up with security in mind – so you know your web-site is completely safe.

Get SpryPanel today!
You can purchase SpryPanel online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our secure online store. Follow the easy four-step process and you’ll be using SpryPanel in a matter of minutes.