Although a standard installation of SpryPanel will provide all you need for complete content control on your web-site, you might sometimes find that you have use for a specific type of content that might be easier to control in a different manner. SpryPanel's world class flexability lets you do this through content plug-ins. You can download and install plug-ins for SpryPanel through SpryPanel itself (they're free!) to add features to your web-site such as e-mail forms and photo galleries. Installation is as simple as clicking a mouse button the select which plug-ins you would like to install on your site.

Currently available plug ins

User comments
The user comments plug-in will allow you to add an area to any page in SpryPanel which will then allow users to post comments on that particular page. There is currently no requirements that users sign up before they post comments.
Author: SpryMedia UK Contact: Version: 1.1.0
SpryForm will allow you to create forms on your web-pages which a visitor to your web-site can then fill out and have the contents e-mailed to you and/or sent to an external PHP script. Features include required fields and ensuring that fields match (if required).
Author: SpryMedia UK Contact: Version: 1.1.0
This is a photo gallery plug-in which will let you manage photo albums displayed by the excellent SlideShow Pro (requires a separate license). Syncing files from a mass upload and completely configurable.
Author: SpryMedia UK Contact: Version: 1.0.0

Planned plug ins

There are no planned plugins at this time.
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It is entirely possible to develop your own plug-ins for SpryPanel if you feel like doing a little bit of coding. Please e-mail us at for information about interface your work with SpryPanel's plug-in API.